Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kids say the darnedest things...

I love my calling. I teach a Primary class of twelve four and five year old children. It is exhausting, but rewarding.  They also keep me laughing with their innocent and matter-of-fact take on the world.  Here are some of my favorites from today:

1)  We were having a lesson on baptism. The teacher asked a little girl who baptized Jesus? She though very hard for a moment and then said, "Bob. Bob the Baptist."

2) The teacher was telling the children about what they will do to prepare for their own baptisms. She told them that when they turned eight they would have an interview with the bishop to see if they were ready to get baptized. One little boy looked confused and said, "The bishop?" and the little girl sitting next to him said, "You know...  the guy with the candy!"  (On their birthdays the children in the primary get a coupon to go see the bishop and get a handshake and a treat.)

3) During singing time one of the little boys turned to another teacher in our class and said, "You have a weird voice. Don't sing anymore."  Fortunately she has a good sense of humor.

4) The last one is actually from Lila. She loves going to her nursery class. In fact from the time we get out of the car at church she starts asking, "I go to nursery now?"  After every prayer, song and talk in Sacrament meeting she asks, "Now I go to nursery?!"  She especially loves singing time and today as I was getting her out of the car I heard her sing, "Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman, once there was a snowman and the wise man built him on a rock!"


Sarah said...

My new calling is the nursery song leader and I LOVE it! They always say the funniest things:) Thanks for this post. It made me smile!

Natalie said...

I love it!

Amanda said...

From the mouths of babes...come the biggest laughs! I'd love to know if any of those were Justin.