Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too much Mickey...

Today while we were driving Lila dropped her book in the car just out of reach. After the initial fussing she started mumbling something I couldn't quite understand.  Then, sounding very indignant, she said, "Mom! The handy helpers not get my book for me! Where are they?!"  I turned to Brian and said, "I think she's watching too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..."

I don't mind that she has become a Mickey fanatic. I think it's cute that she pretends to call Donald and Goofy on the phone. I like that she's learned most of her shapes, colors and numbers from watching this show. I'm a little concerned that now every time she has a problem she stops and calls out, "Oh Toodles!"


Sarah said...

Youn can never have too much Micky Mouse!