Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ain't no Sunbeam anymore...

New year, new Primary classes. Lila was beyond thrilled to announce to everyone that she is a CTR now and not a Sunbeam, and flash her new CTR ring. I think that she thinks it gives her superpowers. I'm not about to challenge thinking that awesome. 

I also completely spaced that she was supposed to give the closing prayer in Primary today, but I heard from multiple people that she marched right up to the front and was very excited to speak into the microphone. Not a shy bone in her body, that one.

Everybody wearing their Christmas sweaters, it makes me so happy see my family wrapped up in warm, wool-y goodness when it is so bitterly cold out. The girls have actually spent the last day or two looking through my pattern books and making requests for what they want me to knit for them. There is no surer way to a knitters heart.

I've been trying to combat my yearly bout of cast on-itis by starting my Christmas projects in January. I'm thinking if I can finish three projects a month starting now my holiday season is going to be nice and relaxed.  Hand-knits for everyone this year! Along with a tag that says, "Yes, I made this, and no, you can't return it." 

I do love nice relaxing Sundays. I think this weekend has been just what we needed to regain some balance and calm. I am taking a deep breath and getting ready to dive back into the busyness of our work week. Here's hoping for another week of progress and changes around here!


Sandra and Brent said...

Did you actually knit those sweaters. Wow.