Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

I've been mulling this over for awhile now and I've finally decided to jump back onto the blogging everyday wagon. It's a big commitment, but I feel like it's an important gift I want to give myself and my children for the future. A record of our daily lives, the big exciting events and the small, tender moments that keep us going.

So... I'm back!

I don't hear any clapping....

We finished out the Christmas season with pretty low key celebrating due to illness. It was still a nice time and we got a lot of quality family time together, laying around the house and recuperating.

This first part of the year should bring some exciting new changes to our home. I promise to post lots of before and after shots. And probably more than a few stories about the adventures we'll be having while living through a remodel. 

Brian and I have also received a new calling to be the Bear Den Leader in the Cub Scouts. This will be a whole new experience as neither of us has much scouting experience. I think it will be fun for both of us, and hopefully the boys as well.

I decided that instead of setting goals this year (apart from the daily blogging one) I would pick one word to work on and to help me focus my energies. My word for the year is going to be:


That might seem to suggest trying to reduce or limit the amount of activities or stress that I have in my life, but what it means for me is to work on finding my inner peace, tranquility and/or serenity. The chaos of life can (and will) flow around me, and I will be like a rock in a stream. I figure the whole living in a construction zone thing is sure to give me ample opportunities to work on that...

Whew, 1 day down, 364 days to go. 


Emilie said...

Chrissy, we are on the same wave length! I just finished my post announcing the same thing AND I also included a word for the year.

It's nice to have a buddy doing this with me.

Sandra and Brent said...

Smiling, clapping, jumping up and down for joy!

April Weeks said...

YEah and YIPPEE!