Saturday, January 5, 2013

Serene Saturday... mostly

Today was very low-key, which was really good for me after the past week.

We slept in as long as the kids would let us, and then slowly went about our day. Another positive thing about living in such a small space, it takes next to no time to get it cleaned up. 

The plan for the afternoon was for Brian to go get the oil changed on his van and run a couple of errands, but I settled down to knit and watch a movie as he was getting ready to leave, and he totally got sucked into my movie so he didn't go.

A rare picture of Brian and I together, where we both have our eyes open. 

By the time it was over we decided to load up the kids and run our errands together. Oil change, car wash, and an early dinner at Sizzler's for a treat. The kids all really enjoyed it and repeatedly thanked us both throughout the meal for taking them out to dinner. 

Lila giving her daddy a wink. Don't laugh, it's hard to wink in slow motion...

After dinner we went to both Lowe's and Home Depot to start pricing out bathroom fixtures. It's been so long that I forgot that taking my children to a home improvement store is torture for both them and us. At least I now have a pretty good idea about what I want, so that will make future shopping trips much easier. 

The best part of today is that we no longer have the 9 am church block. I can go to sleep and rest easier knowing that I won't have to kill myself getting everyone ready and out the door on time tomorrow.

Now I get to go cuddle up in bed and watch a show with my husband, I'm not sure that this won't ruin our no television in the bedroom policy. It sure is easier to snuggle during a show while laying in the bed.