Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recharging my batteries...

I'm one of those people who needs steady amounts of downtime to stay balanced. I need my own space and my own agenda. Right now these are in short supply, and I am feeling it. My temper is fraying easier, I'm not sleeping well, and my stress level is just generally climbing. So this morning when the plumber came and said they'd be shutting off the water all day I jumped at the chance to spend the day at my Dad's in relative peace and quiet. Lila played with army guys and I knit. It was wonderful.

I have so many things that need my attention right now, but all my brain could handle was working on this lovely hat. Watching the intricate pattern emerge and the colors gradually change was soothing to my overwrought psyche. Tomorrow I'll be ready to jump back into my hectic schedule and the demands of decision making, mothering, and being a wife, hopefully without having to resort to the poor man's Valium... chocolate and diet cola.

Daily progress report.

It's kind of hard to see, but a lot has happened in here today. 

All the old plumbing was either moved or removed.

And they lowered the floor of the shower. It has something to do with it being a roll-in shower, there will be a slope to the floor so the water will run down a drain instead of into the bathroom. 

We had a long night trying to sort out the sink fiasco (Long story short, it was at the store the whole time and the people just didn't know where to look for it. Sigh...) and using the bathing facilities at my Dad's. Top off the night with my having to post from Brian's super slow laptop because my computer keyboard decided to stop working and I think it's definitely time to say good night. At least I got this posted before midnight!


Caitlin said...

I'm sorry you had a rough day. (But is it bad if I admit that this whole post part of my brain was thinking "Oh my gosh...that hat is GORGEOUS!")At least tomorrow will be better! We'll hang out!

Dinee said...

I like seeing the progress. Hang in there-it will be worth it when it's done!

Elena Loo said...

The hat is looking fantastic. Its awesome that your "relaxing" thing to do is so productive! Sorry it was a stressfull day. Keep Calm and Carry on :)