Thursday, January 3, 2013

The difference 24 hours can make...

 The contractors came back today, bright and early, just like they promised. 
They quite literally tore it up.

They've thoughtfully left us a working bathroom for as long as possible, sans walls.
Makes all my jokes and complaining about having a shower curtain door seem laughable now...

Turns out that once upon a time this bathroom was wallpapered in plaid. This has only strengthened my theory about interior design in the 70's being caused by LSD in the water, like fluoride... 

The view from the bathtub, we are going to have an awesomely big room! No more walls dinged up from the wheelchair!

And randomly, because it made me laugh and I had the camera, Jake mistaking Evie's Christmas pajama pants for his. I knew I should have marked them somehow, sewn lace around the bottom or something. This is what happens when your kids are all about the same size around but various heights. Seriously dude, the draft around your ankles wasn't a clue?