Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Tuesday

 I feel like that could be the title for every post on my blog, just changing the day of the week.

Start out with a little construction update, toss in a funny story or picture of the kids, try not to complain about living in a ripped up, chaotic house... at least I don't have to expend brain power finding something to write about right now. 

Construction update:

We've got walls! Or at least the start of walls.

And a new tub. It's white, and I am so happy.

We also bought a new sink/vanity combo today because it was a great deal and the last one in stock. Unfortunately the people at the store forgot to pull it to be picked up later and so they sold it again to someone else. A minor headache calling to get it straightened out, but a good opportunity to work on being calm. They are pulling one at another store and Brian will just stop and pick it up on the way home. 

They had better pull it, because if I don't have a sink tomorrow I will be calling the store to tell them, "You're beginning to damage my calm!" Nobody wants that...

Funny picture/story of child:

Lila found this sleep mask and thinks it's hilarious to have "big eyes"! 
I think it looks a little creepy.

There's my cute girl.

And instead of complaining about the logistics of our living arrangements I'll leave you with this funny photo I found posted on Facebook today.

If my mom had ever had a smart phone, I guarantee this would have been her screen shot.