Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letting off some steam...

Be forewarned, this is a venting post so feel free to skip it if you want to.

Living through a remodel is like taking the worst parts of camping, staying in a hotel, and moving, and mashing them all together.

Camping: Inadequate bathroom facilities
Staying in a hotel: You're in an unfamiliar space, and you bump into things in the night if you get up to use the bathroom.
Moving: Half your stuff is in boxes and you can't find anything!

Add to that the mess and the noise and it's no wonder people go slightly crazy when doing this. We are at the stage where the Sheetrock guys are mudding and taping, and sanding, and mudding again. Sheetrock mud stinks. My whole house just smells dank and chemically, and gross. My sense of entropy is growing. It feels like anything I do to combat the chaos is a drop in the bucket to what needs to be done, and since I'm on someone else's timetable right now there is also a distinct feeling of helplessness. (Apparently I'm more of a control freak than I'd like to admit to being.) Today was definitely a throw in the towel kind of day, I didn't accomplish anything.

Okay, here's where I work on my word of the year and take back some control over myself and tomorrow. I will set three, small, very reasonable goals for me to accomplish tomorrow. Things that don't require anyone else's participation.

1) I will do the dishes.
I know I always feel better when my kitchen is clean and I am able to function in it if the mood to cook strikes.

2) I will change the burnt out light bulbs. Especially the one at the top of the stairs that has been burnt out for three years now. 
It's a small chore and one that will help "brighten" my mood. (Hahahaha, you see what I did there?)

3) I will finish knitting myself a dishcloth.
I like to knit, I'm almost done with it, and a little something new is always a mood elevator. It will probably help inspire me to finish my dishes so I can photograph it artistically draped in the sink.

Yes, I think tomorrow will be better. I will work on letting the chaos flow around me instead of dragging me down.

Thanks for letting me vent...


Tiffany said...

I would add to your list to get out of your house for a bit! You should get some time away from the craziness!

Elena Loo said...

So not sure why this came to mind, but a lady gave a talk in sacrament. She suffers from post pardum (sp?) depression and said some days all she can do when she prays is to say "please bless that tomorrrow will be better."
Not that home construction and PPD are the same, but I feel like when we have our slumps in life, sometimes that is all we can say. So - maybe tomorrow will be better.
Keep up the calming stuff - very proud of you!!

Amanda said...

If it will help brighten your day, feel free to knit me a dishcloth, too.