Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's still only Wednesday...

This week is just dragging for me. I was talking to my friend, Myra, yesterday about Knit Night on Thursday and said, "I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! I really need a break!" She pointed out that it was two days until Thursday, and I was a little bit heart-broken. But the good news is that now I get to see her and get that break tomorrow...

My bathroom is looking more and more user friendly!

I picked the lightest color of tile (ivory) for the hall bath because it's a small room and has no windows. Plus after living with brown fixtures and a brown with gold sparkled floor in the bathrooms I'm all about white and clean looking! (Seriously, brown and yellow in the bathroom... ew!) This tile is darker than I remember the sample being, but I think it's still neutral enough. Anyway, too late now, it's installed. :)

A soap dish and a shelf! Isn't that just cunning?
I find myself thoroughly enchanted with each little touch that moves me closer to moving out of the living room.

Brian's shower. 
His tile color is oak. We thought a warmer color would work well in such a large shower and since the room gets plenty of natural light. I'm excited to see how the colors work with the grout, flooring, etc.

I'm worried that Jake is coming down with what Lila has, at least his symptoms don't seem to be as severe. But I kept him home today in the hope that we could nip it in the bud. Lila was quick to tell him that he needed to "get lots of rest and lots of fluids" so that he could feel better soon. 

Both of my sickies were napping when Evie got home from school, so I let her play on my phone for a little bit. She wanted to talk to her Daddy so I taught her how to text him instead, so that it would be less disruptive to his workday. 

She sent him this picture and a caption that read:

A pixchr to britin your day

Needless to say her messages freak out the auto-correct function on my phone. 


Caitlin said...

Hooray for tile! And what a cute message from Evie. She's a doll.

Emilie said...

Hooray! Tile! Yes, I think it will be a perfect neutral.