Monday, January 21, 2013

My laundry system...

There seems to be a lot of writing about laundry in my life lately. My posts, my family and friends blogging, posting and tweeting. (I don't have twitter, so that last one is just an educated guess.) But that's pretty much what we did today on this holiday. Stayed in our jammies and tried to get caught up on the laundry.

I must say I have an awesome system going right now. I had the kids gather up all the dirties and bring them down. While I sorted and switched over the first batch Brian folded the clean ones. Then we had Jake put away all the kids clothing and towels, and carry mine downstairs. After that first batch Jake took over the role of switching the laundry over and bring the clean stuff upstairs for Brian to fold.
 Me, I supervised. 
It. was. AWESOME! Those boys of mine do good work! 

We had a funny moment when Jake was moving a batch of jeans out of the dryer. He came up with a highly offended look on his face, held up a quarter and said, "I was emptying the lint trap and as I pulled it out this quarter flew out and hit me in the crotch! So I am claiming it." We assured him that he had more than earned it for his trouble. I just hope this doesn't affect his enthusiasm for helping me with the laundry tomorrow...

We didn't expect anyone to come work on the house today, or at least not to show up bright and early. So we stayed up way late and had friends over the night before. We finally went to bed around 2 a.m., and at 8:30 there were the guys knocking on the door. Sigh... and you can't even be upset to be awoken for such a reason.

They applied the first layer of the mud. Our walls now have corners! They said it has to dry until Wednesday, so I don't anticipate anyone showing up tomorrow. But still, I've learned my lesson. No more leaving my bra downstairs, you never know when you have to be decent enough to answer the door.