Monday, January 28, 2013

An Egg-cellent evening...

By the time Brian got home from work tonight (via my dad's for a bath) I had already fed the children and put them to bed. Being too wiped out to cook a second dinner, I told him he would have to fend for himself. He doesn't mind an occasional dinner of cold cereal, and that's what I expected him to make. Instead he decided that he was craving protein and started to make scrambled eggs. I was hanging out in the kitchen, talking with him about our day and watching him cook.

Brian (trying to fish bits of eggshell out of the pan): Dang it!

Me: That's why I always crack the eggs into a bowl.

Brian: Really? You do?

Me: Yes, and then you can whisk them really good with a fork without scratching the pan.

Brian: Huh.

Me: You didn't put any butter in your pan either.

Brian: What? Why?

Me: Just a little bit of butter to grease the pan so the eggs won't stick and burn.

Brian: You don't even eat eggs!

Me: Yeah, well I can cook them better than that...

Brian: Would you get out of here! If you're not going to cook it for me then stop making comments about how I'm doing it wrong!

So I left...

For a minute...

Me (returning to the kitchen): Your eggs are burning.

Brian: Well someone should have mentioned something about the butter earlier!


Brian said...

They were delicious by the way! :)