Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twelve years

The best anniversary gift I got today was this poem written by my son, for the express purpose of "so you don't have to take the time the blog tonight". Isn't he thoughtful? :)

By Jake (age 9)

My parents have been married twelve years.
Here are twelve reasons why I care:
I'd probably be stuck in heaven, instead of way down here.
I can play with my siblings, every day all year,
I can laugh when my mom runs away from deer.
I can hug them for comfort,
I can get rid of my fear,
I can travel with my parents to places far and near.
I have a mom who knits cool stuff,
And a dad who tells bad jokes.
Without guardians who were up to snuff I'd kick and punch and poke!
I have a grandpa who plays cards with me,
And another in Denmark,
Without their strength my whole life would really miss the mark.
Whew, twelve reasons to love my mom and dad, I'm kind of tuckered out.
Twelve ways to love my parents,
Who I love without a doubt!


Sandra and Brent said...

So impressed with this poem, Jake! Looks like you've inherited the gift of writing from your mom and your grandmother.

Sarah said...

What an awesome present! Happy Anniversary to you both. :)

Caitlin said...

Bravo, Jake! And Happy Anniversary you guys!

Lawson Family said...

Wow! What a great kid! Happy Anniversary!

Dinee said...

That is so cute! By the way, there were 4 deer at the neighbors house as we pulled in so very early this morning. I almost called you to see if it would be safe to get out of the car.

April Weeks said...

Truly he is one of a very special kind!