Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Dinner Table

One area that I feel like we do pretty well in at our house is sitting down to dinner together. Granted some nights that means eating later or even that every person is eating something different because we have too many leftovers. But we are gathered around the table, sharing a meal as a family, talking about our day, and gently (and sometimes not so gently) instructing our children in etiquette and table manners. 

Tonight we went fancy and had place cards courtesy of Evie. She also set the table and payed particular attention to making sure the silverware was in the appropriate place and lined up just so.  She is a great helper and loves to be in the kitchen with me. 

Jake has reached an age where he is just excited to eat.
(I'm thinking it's another growth spurt...)

Lila didn't join us for awhile tonight. She woke up from an nap and was extremely grouchy. The only thing to do when she gets that way is to ignore her until she decides she's bored with her own company. She finally came into the kitchen, but made it abundantly clear that she would only be eating under duress. Not willing to fight that battle I asked her if she would like to try a baby portion of each food, and the novelty of super small helpings made her forget she was supposed to be being ornery.

She spent the rest of the meal cracking us up as she got all precise and anal about loading a pea on each tine of her fork.

 Doesn't that face just say, "I dare you to try and make me be happy if I don't feel like it."

I do love meals that end with laughter instead of tears.


Caitlin said...

Super fancy! I love Lila's face in those pictures. What did you make? It looks yummy...

Chrissy said...

Caribbean Spiced Pork Roast. It was yummy! :)