Friday, January 4, 2013

Everyday snippets...

Today was... odd.

I am so happy and excited by the construction work taking place, but there are many aspects of living with it I don't like. I don't want to complain though, when we've waited so long and it's going to be such a blessing in our lives when it's finished. Let's just say that I've been getting creative finding reasons to leave the house, even for short periods of time. I've also invaded Lila's space downstairs and neither of us is sure how we feel about that arrangement. 

She and I have an up and down relationship on good days. Not that we don't love each other to pieces, but just that our personalities are more likely to clash than any other two people in this house. She frequently takes me by surprise, and I don't always react as well as I would wish. 

Like this morning, I decided to do a grocery run, on the way to the store we were chatting back and forth about nothing in particular and suddenly she said, "You know Mom, sometimes I wish I had a different Mom. One that wouldn't get me in trouble." (By which she meant one that wouldn't get mad and yell at her.) I was speechless for a couple of moments. There are definitely mornings where I would completely understand where she was coming from, where I've been a big ball of stress, running around like a crazy person and yelling at the kids for different things. But today wasn't one of those days. I thought we were having a great morning, just going about our routine. Ouch! 

I think I get good mommy points for not freaking out at her though. I told her that what she said really hurt my feelings because I love her and would be very sad if someone else got to be her mommy. She started to cry, so then I started to cry, so then we sat outside in the parking lot for a bit crying and hugging each other. We did get along quite well for the rest of the day. I also felt better once I called Brian and got some reassurance that I wasn't a complete failure as a mother because my four year old wants to trade me in for a nicer model. 

Anyhow, onto the house.

Today they finished ripping out the rest of the back bathroom.

And started outlining the new floor plan.

There's only been one surprise with all the demolition and that was a furnace flue in the wall that needs to get moved. It means that I probably won't get shelves in the hall bathroom, but that's only a minor adjustment to the plans so no worries. 

And again randomly because he made me laugh and I had the camera close to hand...

It's like a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. 
A choker made out of shower curtain rings...
just because he can.


Amanda said...

How exciting to see progress! Remodeling is always a big headache, but once it's over and a year or so has gone by you hardly remember all the stress of it and just enjoy the results. I have a very similar relationship with Grace. She has gone through periods where she regularly tells me she should have stayed with her "real" family. At least Lila doesn't have that kind of ammo to use! I certainly feel like a failure as a mother at times, especially when parenting Grace, but it took too much work to get her here for it to have been an accident!