Monday, January 7, 2013

Decisions are the worst...

After shopping for a new bathtub all day, all I wanted was to come home and have a long, hot bath.

Kind of hard when the bathtub looks like this.

I spent most of the day driving all over the valley picking up flooring and tile samples and pricing bathroom fixtures. I must say it's a good thing I have limited choices, because just picking the colors is hard enough, I would probably be curled up in a fetal position somewhere if I had to pick the materials as well.

I spent the afternoon at my cousin Emilie's having her help me try to sort out some good combinations. She was very gracious to help me on such short notice, and she has a good head for color and design. You would think for as much as I sew and knit and play with color that this wouldn't be such a big deal, but I completely freeze up when it comes to interior design. I guess because it feels like such a permanent commitment. (I have a hard time hanging pictures too.) I am getting more excited though, I am going for a pretty big change style wise and I think it's going to be a lovely end product. 

I didn't get home until after the contractor had left for the day so I came home to even less walls and holes in the floor.

The kids thought it was beyond cool that you can now see into the laundry room from the upstairs. All I know is I'm going to have to keep an even stricter eye on Lila for the next little while, if any of my kids would look at that and think, "Hmm... indoor jungle gym!" it would be her. 

I do have to give Lila major kudos today. She was totally a trooper about getting drug around from one boring store to another with me. She also made me giggle pretty hard. We were driving down the road and she was pointing out letters and numbers she recognized in the signs, I said, "Lila, you are so smart. How did you get so smart?" She said, "Oh, my teacher gave me a new brain... she does good work, huh?" Yes, yes she does. 

Speaking of school and brains...

Jake's attempt at a science project. 
It's an egg soaked in vinegar. 
I have no idea. 

Frankly it grosses me out... but he sure thinks it's neat.

And because there has been a distinct lack of Evie in my last few posts, a quick update.
She lost another tooth!
She is such a quiet little sweetheart, I just know that she's going to end up in therapy talking about how she was ignored by her parents. I love it when she comes up to me randomly and gives me a hug, she gives really great hugs. She is reading so well now, and is frequently to be found reading or playing with Lila. She is a great big sister, a great little sister, just an all-around great girl. Our home would not be the same without her in it. 


Emilie said...

You are more than welcome! It was fun to dream with you.

Also, what room am I looking at? I can't tell. Your old master bedroom?

Chrissy said...

That's the two bathrooms, the toilet and sink from the hall one, and the pipes and all the is the old master bath. Crazy huh? :)

Caitlin said...

Man...I wish I had a new brain sometimes. :) Some pretty exciting stuff with the house there!

Elena Loo said...

So exciting!
Do you get a laundry shoot? I have always wanted a laundry shoot!

Evie is a joy! We love her too!
I am excited to see what you ended up choosing too!

April Weeks said...

I feel you Chrissy! I was very nervous about choosing materials for our remodel and it is crazy, hectic running all over the place. If Lila is ok, I am happy to have her play here when you need to do your running and choosing. It's a very exciting time though.