Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow day!

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and Jake said, "If this keeps up they will probably cancel school tomorrow and we'd get a snow day!" I responded, "Don't get your hopes up too much, honey. Snow days don't happen around here that often because we live in an area that is prepared for heavy snowfall."

Color me wrong.

I was awoken by my phone ringing at 6 am with an automated message saying that school was cancelled due to the snow storm.  My first coherent thought was, "Dang it, he was right again!" My second was to quietly go downstairs and turn off the kids alarm in the hope that they (and therefore I) would sleep in longer. 
That hope proved vain when the workmen started knocking on the door at 7:45. Because of the snow and traffic problems it was causing no one wanted to drive further than they had to. So by 8:30 we had the plumber, the hvac guy, and two electricians sawing, drilling, and banging away. Brian called into work to say that he would be late because he was waiting for the roads to be plowed before attempting the commute, and then he fell back asleep! I swear the man could sleep through an earthquake, an avalanche and a circus happening at the same time! And he'd drown them out with his snores too...

All day long I saw friends posting fun pictures of playing in the snow with their kids. 

This is what we did.

It's hard to want to go out and play when the inside of your house isn't much warmer than the outside. We had the water and the heat turned off for several hours, so we stayed bundled up in blankets by the fire and watched a whole lot of the Disney channel.

I knit on this blanket I am making for my new bedroom. Aren't the colors lovely? The room will be mostly neutrals with pops of color. I'm having fun turning my day dreams into reality.

This makes me happy, the hole in the wall is where the old bathroom light switch used to be, on the outside of the room. They've moved it to the other side of the wall and put the hall light switch down to a normal height. 

Lots of pipes moved and installed.

Lots of new wiring.

This cracks me up. These are the plastic covers that the new smoke detectors came packaged in. The electricians left them lying around and my girls came upstairs dancing and singing with glee to show off their new "shower caps" to me. Silly monkeys.

We are supposed to be getting even more snow tonight and tomorrow, so I don't know that we'll be leaving our house this weekend. Seems like a perfect time to snuggle down with popcorn (and knitting) for a movie marathon.


Caitlin said...

Ya'll look so cozy! It makes me jealous. I hope we'll still be able to come down for the weekend. I can't wait to see what those monkeys of yours will get up to tomorrow.