Friday, January 25, 2013

I need a break!

I made a command decision that today the children and I were staying home for a mental health day. They started the schools two hours late because of the icy roads, and with it being an early out day anyway I just couldn't get motivated to take them to school for 2 1/2 hours. They were all feeling anxious over my accident yesterday, the poor things have all inherited their father's ability to worry.

Plus Lila had kept Brian and I up most of the night with a raging fever. She kept waking up screaming about our family being covered in blood. It was really disconcerting. She wasn't doing much better for the rest of the day, high fever that the medicine didn't seem to be bringing down, sleeping fitfully, not eating. Tonight as we were getting her ready for bed, Brian picked her up and exclaimed that she was burning up. 103.3 degree fever, no bueno.

I rushed her over to Kid's Care before they closed and we were pleasantly surprised to see Dinee working. We were not surprised when she was diagnosed with pneumonia and influenza. I hope the medicines start working as quickly as this illness has come on. She started crying on the way home that the snow was turning black. I hate seeing her delirious and so scared. 

On a lighter note Miss Evie lost another tooth tonight! We are starting to call her Toothless like in How to Train Your Dragon. She can't wait to go back to school on Monday and do the lost tooth chant with her class.


April Weeks said...

That did come on fast. Hope she feels better very soon and the rest of you stay healthy too.

Emilie said...

Poor thing. That sounds scary!

Caitlin said...

Pneumonia is rough...I hope her fever breaks soon so that she can feel better. (And so you can get some sleep!) And congrats to Evie on her tooth!