Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Horsey-ing Around

Lila loves to play with her Aunt Caite. 

She said, "Let's play horsey!" so Caite obliged her...

Although I don't think this was quite what she had in mind. 
She crawled about three steps and collapsed, just about taking Caite down on top of her. 

Once they got up Lila grabbed Caite's shirt and said, "Okay, this time I'm the cowboy and you're the horse!"
Caitlin replied, "Your horse?"
Lila, "No! You're the horse!'
Caitlin,"Right, your horse."
Lila, long pause, "Caite! You're the horse."
Caitlin, "I know, your horse."
Lila, "Grrr! No! YOU'RE the horse!"

It was like a preschool version of "Who's on First?"

So I started shouting, "My kingdom for an apostrophe!"
Grammar humor always gets me. 
The other day I sent a text that said, "I'll be running around with a headless chicken." instead of "...like a headless chicken." 
The wrong preposition just takes it to a whole other level of crazy.
 Psychotic as opposed to merely harried or stressed. 

On the construction front:

Today we had (and I'm assuming we passed, since no one told me differently) an inspection. Now we have a this lovely pile of sheet rock that will start being installed tomorrow. We could have bathroom walls again by tomorrow night! Just ignore the toilet in the background. I'm not sure why it's still there, but I have complete faith in my contractor and I'm sure it will be moved at the appropriate time. 

They finished installing the dryer vent. 
I smile every time I walk past this part of my house, imagining the joy of not lugging baskets of laundry up and down the stairs. The soothing, white noise of the dryer running as I fall asleep at night... so lovely.

One random section of insulation was installed. I understand why they had to do this, to meet today's code they have to put in insulation where ever the outer walls were taken down to the studs. Which means we now have insulation in Brian's shower, and this one strip on the south end of our house. The absurdity of it just makes me chuckle.


Caitlin said...

Tee hee hee! Good times. Good times.